Obsidian Disposable Cartridge Grips — Box of 24

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Obsidian Disposable Cartridge Grips — Box of 24
Obsidian Cartridge Grips — 24 Disposable Grips Per Box

Experience even more stability and precision control while tattooing with our Obsidian grips. Our grips are ergonomically designed to dramatically reduce vibration so artists can work more comfortably during longer sessions. Tapering down to 15mm before meeting the back stem, each grip is 30mm in diameter at its widest point, and curves down to 28mm for gripping comfort before curving back out to 30mm. Obsidian grips are developed to work in perfect harmony with our cartridge needles, but are compatible with all other cartridge systems. All grips are made from quality disposable materials and are in individual sterile packaging so artists can focus on their work safely and efficiently. All grips include an 86mm plunger bar.

Key Features:
  • 30mm diameter grip (widest point); curves to 28mm then back to 30mm
  • 15mm taper at the back stem
  • Comes with 86mm plunger bar
  • Works flawlessly with our Peak cartridges
  • Efficient grip and needle attachment and removal
  • Ergonomically designed to reduce vibration
  • High quality single-use material construction
  • Sterilized and individually packaged
  • Compatible with all cartridge needles
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