Magnetic RCA Converter

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Convert your favorite RCA machine to have a strong magnetic connection with our Magnetic RCA Connector. Our Magnetic RCA Connector has a gold-plated RCA plug and magnetically attaches to our Straight Black/Grey Magnetic Phono Tip Cord. When used together, our RCA Connector and Magnetic Phono Cord allow you to quickly and easily switch between machines; the strong magnetic connection also gives you full control of your machine, even if your cord gets tangled up or snags an obstruction while tattooing. It has plenty of give and flexibility, giving you maximum control.

Another perk of our robust Magnetic RCA Connector is it reduces wear and tear on your machine over time; leaving it in your machine prevents the need to repeatedly plug and unplug a standard RCA cord, which can wear out your connector.

This is a Peak-certified and manufactured replacement accessory, allowing you to work at peak performance.

Key Features

  • Magnetically connects to our Straight Black/Grey Magnetic Phono Tip Cord
  • Comes with gold plated RCA plug
  • Strong connection won’t come loose while tattooing
  • Switch easily between machines
  • Certified Peak equipment and parts
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